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How Kinesio-Taping can help YOU

Feel like a PRO at MTE PT with Kinesio-taping

You may have noticed bright markings on volleyball player’s shoulders or synchronized swimmers backs during the recent Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Are these accessories? War paint to intimidate foes?  The answer is its Kinesio-tape. And, no, you don’t have to play for the Lakers, Knicks or Giants to receive its benefits.

Kinesio tape helps athletes perform at their peak by adhering to three basic principles


  1. Kinesio-Tape turns down the volume on pain: This tape when applied correctly stimulates proprioceptors and other sensory receptors in our skin to run interference on our brains ability to process pain, thus turning down the “volume” pain perceived by the recipient of the tape.
  2. Decompression of an area of swelling and inflammation: When this tape is applied to our skin it applies a “lifting” effect on the tissue beneath the skin and all its interconnected layers.  By literally decompressing the tissue underneath the tape it relieves pressure from free nerve endings which can immediately relieve pain but also the decompression helps circulation to and from the taped area, which helps reduce swelling at the site and improve performance.
  3. Normalizing muscle tone and delays fatigue: When an athlete or patient suffers an injury or a muscle is inflamed or fatigued it basically stops working correctly and is more prone to further injury. Research has shown that kinesiology tape can alter muscle activity and muscle contraction timing which can help your body coordinate movement to prevent injury and allow the body to heal properly.


In our clinic, all our physical therapists are Kinesio-tape certified and we use ROCK TAPE as an adjunct to our manual therapy treatments for conditions such as:

If you would like more information on how Kinesio-tape can help relieve your symptoms, please contact our office or book an appointment!

Dr. Dmitry Shestakovsky Director of Rehabilitation at MTE Physical Therapy with a focus on manual therapy with an emphasis on osteopathic and spinal manipulation in evaluating and treating musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunction.

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