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Knee pain affects millions of people each year in the U.S. Dr. Trakhtenberg provides patients in Midtown Manhattan and throughout New York City with treatments and guidance aimed at resolving symptoms and helping patients avoid injury and pain in the future.


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What are the most common causes of knee pain?

Your knees get a lot of use every day, bearing your weight, bending and pivoting – so it's no wonder knee pain is an extremely common complaint among millions of men and women, and even teens and children. Because it's subjected to so many different forces and stresses, there are many issues that can cause pain, including:

  • ligament injuries, including strains and tears

  • bone spurs or bone chips

  • kneecap injuries

  • arthritis

  • dislocation

  • problems with the way you walk (your gait)

  • ill-fitting footwear

  • fractures

Sports injuries, slip and fall accidents and motor vehicle accidents are all common causes of knee pain, as is wear and tear that comes with aging. Being overweight can also cause knee pain to develop.

What symptoms are associated with injury or disease of the knee joint?

In addition to pain, knee injury or disease can cause:

  • swelling

  • tenderness in the area around the joint

  • redness

  • joint stiffness and decreased range of motion

  • “crunching” noises in the joint when it's used

  • weakness and instability in the joint

  • difficulty walking

  • pain in the low back or feet

How can physical therapy help me manage my knee pain?

First, your knee will be thoroughly examined and evaluated using special techniques to determine the nature of your symptoms. These techniques can include gently feeling the joint to check for areas of tenderness, swelling or other abnormalities, gentle stretching movements to check for range of motion and determine which movements cause pain, and weight-bearing activities. Once your knee has been examined, a plan of therapy will be developed which may include a wide array of exercises and stretches to relieve pain, improve flexibility, restore range of motion and help rebuild the strength and stability of the joint.


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