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Physical Therapy Specialists located in Midtown East, New York, NY

As a leading physical therapist in Midtown Manhattan, New York, Dr. Trakhtenberg uses advanced physical therapy techniques to help patients from throughout the Greater New York City metro region relieve pain and other symptoms, getting to the root cause of symptoms so treatments can be most effective.


Midtown East Physical Therapy

What is involved in physical therapy?

Physical therapy includes activities like exercises, stretches and other types of treatments to help relieve symptoms and restore function to the musculoskeletal system. It's used extensively to both treat and prevent injuries and diseases as well as to help patients recover faster after illness, injury or surgery. The aim of physical therapy is to relieve or reduce pain and other symptoms so patients enjoy greater flexibility, strength and mobility, enabling them to return to their normal activities of daily living without pain or with minimal discomfort. Physical therapy can be used to help treat or manage a wide array of injuries, including sports injuries and car accident injuries an, injuries from slip and fall accidents, as well as illnesses and health conditions like arthritis, heart disease and fibromyalgia.

How does physical therapy work to improve health and wellness?

Physical therapy works by helping the body adjust and recover following illness or injury, enabling joints and other musculoskeletal structures to “ease” into normal activities so they don't become reinjured. In some cases, physical therapy may be used to help patients postpone or completely avoid certain types of surgery.

What happens during a physical therapy treatment session?

Your session will begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your condition to assess your current needs. A therapy plan will be customized specifically for your needs, taking into account the nature of your injury or illness, your overall health and physical abilities, your treatment goals and other factors, so you can experience the best possible results. The therapy session itself will involve a series of exercises specific to your needs, as well as plenty of hands-on guidance to ensure you get the most benefits from your therapy. Finally, you'll receive advice on how to take a proactive role in your recovery through healthy lifestyle changes and other changes that may help avoid future issues.

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We accept major insurance providers. For more information, please call the office. 

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