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Living with back pain can be a frustrating experience, and it’s one of the most common reasons for calling in sick to work. Medications may temporarily relieve pain, but spinal manipulation by the highly-skilled physiotherapists, Gregory Trakhtenberg, MPT & Dmitry Shestakovsky, DPT, at Midtown East Physical Therapy in New York City, can provide long-term relief from the underlying source of your pain. If you’ve tried other options to help acute or chronic back pain, make an appointment for spinal manipulation by calling one of the offices or scheduling a consultation through the online system.

Spinal Manipulation Q & A

What is spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is an effective technique for relieving low back pain and spinal conditions. The physical therapists at Midtown East Physical Therapy can manually move your spine using a device or their hands to apply controlled force to the joints in your spine. Spinal manipulation helps alleviate pain and improve the function of your back so you can return to your daily routine.

When your spine is out of alignment, you may feel pain just about anywhere in your body from your lower back to your head, neck, or even your feet. Spinal manipulation combines moving joints, massage, and physical therapy to relieve pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve overall function of your:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Head
  • Shoulders

Spinal manipulation may also help relieve sinus pressure.

Is spinal manipulation safe?

When a specially trained healthcare professional, such as one of the skilled physical therapists, Dr. Trakhtenberg or Dr. Shestakovsky at Midtown East Physical Therapy, performs spinal manipulation, it’s a safe way to get pain relief. Some types of spinal manipulation use more force, while other types gently stretch the spine. The two main practices of this therapy include:

  • Spinal manipulation (high-velocity low-amplitude thrust) uses a sudden force to move the spine
  • Spinal mobilization (low-force techniques) are a milder, gentler form of stretching the spine

During spinal mobilization, your provider may also use a small metal tool called, an activator which targets a single vertebra to help move it back into its correct position. Along with spinal manipulation, your provider may also recommend heat or ice therapies or massage therapy to help you get the most from your treatment.

How many spinal manipulation appointments will I need to get relief?

Most individuals have a series of several spinal manipulation treatments to alleviate their back, neck, or headache pain, but everyone is different. Drs. Trakhtenberg and Shestakovsky create a customized treatment plan based on your specific conditions, how long you’ve been in pain, and the results you hope to achieve. You may notice a difference in the degree of your symptoms after a single appointment, or you may need several adjustments to feel better and regain full mobility.

If you’re tired of taking pain medications or having difficulty getting around, call one of the offices in Brooklyn or Midtown or schedule an appointment using the online booking system.