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Dr. Trakhtenberg understands athletes of all abilities have unique health and medical needs when it comes to treating sports injuries. He uses the most advanced physical therapy techniques to help patients from Midtown Manhattan and throughout New York City, heal properly so they can get back to the activities they love.


Midtown East Physical Therapy

What are the most common causes of sports injuries?

Sports injuries can occur in athletes of all levels, from professional athletes to students and amateur athletes to weekend warriors who enjoy occasional hiking, biking or other activities. Among the most common causes of sports injuries are poor technique and poor preparation, which can come from a lack of training or warming up or from training or warming up improperly. Sports injuries can occur as a result of a direct impact like a fall or football tackle, or they can occur from overuse or repetitive use, such as so-called tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Sports injuries can occur in all types of sports – even low-impact sports like swimming.

What role does physical therapy play in treating sports injuries?

Physical therapy works by first helping to reduce pain and inflammation to provide immediate relief from symptoms, then by treating the underlying cause of the symptoms – the injury itself – through specific exercises and stretching techniques combined with hands-on manual manipulation to help monitor recovery and adjust treatment. During therapy, you'll also receive guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury when participating in your sport. Your specific therapeutic program will be customized for your needs, based on your sport, your overall health, your treatment goals and other factors so you can achieve optimal results.

How can physical therapy help me prevent future injuries?

Physical therapy isn't just about treating existing injuries, although that's certainly a primary focus; it's also about helping the musculoskeletal system become stronger and more flexible so it can respond to physical insults without serious injury. And it's also about teaching you smart ways to train and participate in sports so you can get maximum enjoyment while protecting your health at the same time.


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